Rescue Program


The AI Software team evaluates your current website using our proprietary system that incorporates the expertise of our team as well as 3rd party tools to make sure we provide a valuable and accurate assessment. This evaluation includes competitive research that outlines your competitors’ digital marketing strategy allowing our team to build a blueprint that will thrust your web presence ahead of the competition.


The AI Software team takes the information from our evaluation and makes appropriate adjustments to your current web presence. These adjustments are not limited to your website – our team will tweak your social media presence, YouTube Channel, Google Business Profile and other portions of your web presence to make sure your organizations stands out from the crowd.


The AI Software team supports your Strategic Internet Marketing efforts month over month to make sure your website does not fall behind. Ongoing support includes the following:

Content: unlimited updates to the website, including content updates, creating new pages, modifying structure, etc.

Design: unlimited design support. This includes new graphic creation, updates to current graphics, page design, etc.

Copy: unlimited support with copy writing. Our team will help create copy for website.

Training: unlimited support on how to update web and web related products (i.e. Google Business Profile).

Evaluation / Reporting: custom reporting and evaluation through RavenTools suite of products.

Google Business Profile: assistance with updates & management of Google Business Profile (now including GooglePost support).


Month 1: Starting at $1250 • Month 2+: $499/mo

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