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How a Local Tech Company Uses CrossFit as a Recruitment Strategy

Cincinnati, OH — AI Software is a Cincinnati-based website development company leveraging unconventional recruiting techniques to find great hires. What’s their #1 tactic? Involvement in the CrossFit community.

“Our last 4 new hires came from CrossFit, one of them being our helpdesk guru. I hired him strictly based on his work ethic and attitude, which I witnessed every day at my CrossFit gym. He had little to no experience in our industry. Now, he and the team are solving 81% of support tickets in less than 24 hours,” said Dave Ebbesmeyer, Owner of AI Software, Inc.

Dave has co-owned AI Software for 20+ years and done CrossFit for 9. With a fast-growing company and an increasingly challenging labor market on his hands, Dave looked to his fitness community as a catalyst for growth, which changed the course of the business.

“Our highest performing sales rep was hired after talking smack and pushing me at the gym. I saw he had grit and knew I could teach him the rest.” There are a few things AI Software looks for when adding to the team, all of which are common traits found in CrossFit athletes:

  • Appreciation for a challenge
  • A tendency to ‘keep moving’
  • Hunger for self-improvement
  • Willingness to do the hard things

“People in the CrossFit community are wired differently. If you can get through a workout built for lunatics, you can get through any workday,” says Dave.

AI Software takes pride in being the authority in their space. Much of the company’s recent growth is a result of having the right people in the right seats of the bus – not by scraping resumes and checking boxes, but by building leaders out of everyday people with strong will, integrity, and a zeal for life.

AI Software, Inc. was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 2003. The organization now has offices in Cincinnati, OH ; Indianapolis, IN ; Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ and serves 400+ clients with over 500 websites under management.


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